January 24, 2019

Sister, the things that we love and cherish on earth can be destroyed. Homes, church buildings, families, ministries, jobs, success, books, clothing, jewelry etc. All of those things can fall apart or be completely destroyed... and we have seen it happen. How sad w...

November 8, 2018

I wanted to be vulnerable. I just wanted to be myself, and for some reason, It seemed I couldn’t be. When seeking the Lord about it, I felt like He was asking me why couldn't be? “Who set the standard of how a Christian should act?"

July 20, 2018

Sister, don't fall into the trap of being satisfied with the act of intense studying of Scripture alone. Let those truths lead you to the Truth. Let what you see cause you to further go to Christ. Don't settle for knowing the Word in your mind.

March 8, 2018

It is crazy because I didn’t even see what all I was doing to make me feel so busy. The problem was not that the outside world of mine was busy. It was my inside world that was cray cray (that means crazy)!

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