November 8, 2018

I wanted to be vulnerable. I just wanted to be myself, and for some reason, It seemed I couldn’t be. When seeking the Lord about it, I felt like He was asking me why couldn't be? “Who set the standard of how a Christian should act?"

March 15, 2018

They were sold a lie, one that is attractive. Who wouldn’t want what they were offered? They were promised a somewhat perfect life! Christ plus their worldly things, to a person who is looking for relief, is a great agreement.

August 18, 2017

Even though it is impossible to be aware of every little thought you think, you are responsible for loving God with all of your mind. Think about your day. Have you intentionally looked into your mind to see what is going on in there? Did you recognize how many lies yo...

August 16, 2017

Keeping a journal for your Bible is one of the most rewarding and imperative things that you can do for yourself. No matter what season you are in, your notebook is like a friend, always waiting for you to come to it and spill your thoughts.

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