Draw Me Nearer To You Lord!

“Our fellowship is nevertheless hindered by unconfessed sins, which must be dealt with all along the way.” - Clyde Cranford⠀ We can make anything a ‘god’ consciously or unconsciously. Many times for Christians, we make spiritual things more important than our actual relationship with God. It can seem so subtle that we don’t even recognize it at sin.⠀ In most cases, what keeps us from drawing nearer to God is sin. Though we have been forgiven and stand righteous before God, (through Christ) sin is what keeps us from a closer walk with God. We can’t expect to cling to sin and have a heart fully toward God at the same time. That is impossible!⠀ I have recognized ‘subtle’ sins in my life and have been like “Really Lord...how did I not see that?!?” I then acknowledge it and realize I need to turn my eyes back on God. This is right to do, but there is something missing. We must also confess it as sin to God and repent. Just acknowledging (or realizing) sin, without confessing it as sin to God and repenting, really doesn’t bring about much change.⠀ If you hear a sermon, that reveals sin in your life, don’t just nod your head in agreement of the truth. If conviction comes when reading the Bible, don’t just write a note about it. Be active! Bring it before the Lord, confess it as sin, and repent (turning away from the sin and towards God). To draw near to God is to remove any sin that is standing between us and Him. So in a sense, “Draw me nearer to You Lord” means “Help me desire you enough to turn from the things I have loved more than You Lord!”


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