Everything Depends On God Not Us!

I have been reading in Hebrews 11, and it has been wrecking me. There is example after example of how those of the Lord were promised some pretty impossible looking things. They were not responsible for carrying anything out in their own strength. They were only called to obey and trust. What they were trusting was not empty words. They were called to trust the faithful character of God. Those who actually moved in faith were rewarded with exactly what God declared would be true. There are tasks ahead for all of us. They make our hearts beat faster in anxiety. We say the words “I trust you,” with lingering doubt in the back of our heads that says, “but…” We can’t take the world on our shoulders guys. We can’t accomplish what we have to do by ourselves. God is our Helper, Strength, and Wise Counselor. However, fear is not to be a surprise for us. When it pops up its ugly head, we can acknowledge it and continue on in the strength of the Lord. There was a specific time where I was in a spot that literally was impossible. Like..really impossible y’all!! God encouraged me with the definition of courage, from a book. It said that courage is to continue on, despite our feelings. To do it scared, and to do it depending on God to come through for us. It may seem as if He is taking too long, but that old saying “He might not come when you want Him, be He’ll be there right on time” is a truth to hold onto. My sister, you just cling to Christ! Trust and obey. Leave the way it will happen in His hands! Faith is not a feeling, but having confidence in the character of God! “Now faith is the assurance of things hoped for and the conviction of things not seen.” Hebrews 11:1


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