Find God In The Bible!

"So let the Bible be the place where God meets you and speaks to you, and let the Bible be the place where you speak back to Him. The relationship is in this communion: him to us, and us to Him" John piper.⠀ The body of Christ and fellowship with other believers are such great blessings. In a service, we hear Scripture preached from a minister, that will hopefully land on good soil (in our hearts), producing good fruit in our lives. What a privilege to be in the family of God.⠀ Though we have been graced with other believers, they can’t be the only source from which we are spiritually fed. If we only meet with God in a service 2 days a week, we will not learn the voice of God. We will not be able to glorify God well. It takes effort to set aside time with the Lord. Things must be sacrificed. However, we will gain so much more than what we sacrifice.⠀ If you have graciously received salvation, through the door of Christ, the Holy Spirit will gently nudge you to get alone with God. We can choose to ignore His promptings or submit. If we obey, God will show us Himself in Scripture and a relationship will be cultivated. The Bible is the absolute truth for those who are in Christ. We should seek to be a student of His Word.⠀ We can’t expect to hear anything from God with a closed Bible. An open Bible is where He meets with us. There, God speaks to us through His Holy Spirit...and we speak back in prayer. Our quiet time with God is not just about getting new information. It’s about meeting with the One who will draw near to us if we draw near to Him. Make spending time with God your priority. He will grace us with the will and ability to do it if we ask.


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