Follow Jesus, Not People!

It is very tempting to try and pattern our lives after those who inspire us. There is definitely nothing wrong with being encouraged by other Christians. However, it is sinful to put them in the place of God... trying to be more like them instead of more like Christ. God has given us the Holy Spirit, and He is constantly trying to mold us into the image of Christ, not the world. We are not supposed to be walking reflections of each other, but walking reflections of our Savior. God has not asked us to be copies of even godly people but of Himself. We are here to glorify God, so that others will come into the kingdom, by His grace! When John the Baptist came, speaking of a coming Savior, he had followers. However, when Jesus came…John's disciples immediately followed Jesus. Christ said, “follow me.” We have no business trying to follow others in the living out of our lives here on earth. Be encouraged by other believers, but don’t make them your god!


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