Friday Introductions!

Time for Friday Introductions. Get to know me a little bit more! 1- My Favorite Color is PURPLE. 2- I Have A Large Collection Of CANDLES. 2- My Favorite book is THE BIBLE OF COURSE. 4- My Favorite Sport is BASKETBALL. 5- My Favorite Flavor of Cake is CHOCOLATE. 6- If I Had To Eat One Food For The Rest Of My Life It Would Be PIZZA. 7- I’m Really Good At SLEEPING. 8- I Love to ENCOURAGE OTHERS. 9- The Best Song To Dance To Is HOW COULD YOU CHOOSE? 🤷🏾‍♀️ 10- I Love To READ. 11- LAUGHING Is My Favorite Thing To Do Ever. 12- Everyone Thinks It’s Funny When I I’M DELIRIOUS AT 3AM. 13- This Summer I Want To PICK LOTS OF FLOWERS. 14- The Best Superpower To Have Would Be FLYING. 15- I Want To Learn How To SPEAK JAPANESE. 16- I Wish TO HEAR GOD SAY, “WELL DONE MY GOOD AND FAITHFUL SERVANT!” 17- My Heart's Desire Is To SERVE GOD WITH MY WHOLE HEART AND TO ENCOURAGE OTHER SISTERS TO ABIDE IN CHRIST EVERYDAY! The golden light from the Son is her Rescuer, who will open the door to the twinklings of day. A pleasant scent will leave a smile on her face. The perfume-like aroma will follow her into a bright and shining future, at the perfect time. Her Savior has planned a radiant future not yet accessible.

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