God Breaks The Men He Uses!

We ask to be used and then all of a sudden, we feel that we are just crumbling to pieces! What is that about? In order for God to use His daughters, He has to break-away everything that would hinder their work for Him. He breaks away bits of self and ungodly ways of thinking. He takes this precious child of His through what feels like harsh crushing so that He can build them into the person He wants to use for His glory. - Before He lets us shine the light of Christ, He first makes us go through the pitch black darkness. How can we lead someone somewhere we have never been? How can we lead anyone through trials if we are not first stripped of our own pride and glory? It is a beautiful thing to be broken into pieces by the loving hands of God...but it sure doesn’t feel like it!! Through the brokenness, we must remind ourselves of the tender hands that are dealing with us through all of this preparation. He is not breaking you to destroy you, but to make His daughter great!


The Daily Corner



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