God Is Safe To Trust!

Once we have been hurt, it is very difficult to trust again. We don’t want to open our hearts to possible wounds again. It feels safer to keep the door to that place closed off, only to ourselves. However, we were made to be loved by God. And, the absence of love shrivels us up and causes us to seek for the love we desperately need in unhealthy ways. Inwardly, we are so thirsty and needy, but still, outwardly we have trained ourselves to look put together, very nice, and as healthy as the next person. It is a hard life living a lie… And, I know what it feels like, sister. It’s terrible to have to pretend and still not get any real satisfaction from it. Though it requires some vulnerability, God is a safe place to go to! He will not hurt you. You can go before Him, telling Him how afraid you are. How you have been hurt before. Asking Him to help you learn how to be loved. He will not turn you away, but He will answer that prayer, because He loves you. It might be hard to trust again, but the safest place to start is with God. #healingthepieces

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