He Does The Impossible!

We often shy away from those things that look impossible. We tell ourselves, "Maybe I heard wrong. Obviously, I can't do that! She can do it better. Did I hear correctly?" It seems logical that if it looks impossible, it must be impossible. However, God wants to use those who know their weaknesses. He wants those who will give the glory to Him, those who will not boast in their strength...but in His strength.⠀ If you look at yourself and see weaknesses and feel unable to be used, you are the one who He wants! The truth is, you can't do great things, apart from Him. When you only do those things you feel you are able to do on your own, you are missing out on the opportunity to glorify the work of your Father, and shining the light on Christ and His goodness. Get out of your box, and be the one who is humble and yet willing to be used by Him and for Him.


The Daily Corner



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