Hope In God!

“Why are you cast down, O my soul, and why are you in turmoil within me? Hope in God; I shall again praise him, my salvation” -Psalm 42:5⠀ We all experience levels of depression and anxiety, and it can be discouraging. These feeling can be due to a long and seemingly never-ending struggle, or even a sudden experience. In times where I am feeling sad and discouraged, I have learned to talk to myself. You have probably heard the popular saying, "Preach to yourself." However, have you considered asking yourself questions? David did!⠀ In Psalm 42, David found Himself in deep sadness. He said that He cried so much, (both morning and night) it was like his tears where his food. Yet, in the midst of it all, he found the ability to praise God. Why? Because David questioned his feelings. He asked his soul why it was sad and miserable. Learning to question our feelings gets us out of feeling wrapped up in them. Instead, we can observe them, which makes it easier to see them in the right perspective.⠀ No matter the reason for our sadness, the answer is, "Hope in God." When God is our Father, we can have hope in His steadfast love- in any circumstance. He is our Salvation not only for all of eternity, but He is also our Salvation for today...and tomorrow. We can trust Him! Our souls, in whatever state they may be in, are being handled with care. Though we may not see a solution, we can redirect our focus to the One who will make a way.⠀ When you are feeling stressed or discouraged. Ask yourself questions. Then, see how much greater your God is over your problems. Tell your soul to hope in God. He has not forgotten you! Soon, you will be singing praises of His salvation and goodness. Though there may be a lot of stress, pain, and darkness now, God will prove to be your Salvation, just like every time before this. You having a living Hope. If you belong to Jesus, you have the assurance of both your eternal and daily salvation in your faithful Lord.⠀

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