If It's Hurting You, It Matters!

“It’s not ‘that’ bad. I mean...I know I experienced trauma, but it wasn’t as bad as her’s. I’m being dramatic!” Sound familiar? I’ve said it a thousand times. It’s one of those ways we minimize our trauma. ⠀ Why? Because if it’s ‘not that bad’ we don’t need to face it. If we are only being dramatic, we have permission to pull ourselves up and move on. It gives us an opportunity to not address the pain. It hurts...we don’t want to go there!⠀ All we are doing is prolonging the pain. God loves us too much to let us keep dodging. And, He is far smarter than are plans. You, sister have no idea of the freedom that awaits you when you decide to stop running.⠀ It doesn’t matter how little you think your trauma is. It doesn’t matter how much more the next girl experienced. If it’s hurting you and it is influencing the way you are living life, it MATTERS! You need healing and God is the Healer! ⠀ #healingthepieces

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