It's The Living Word!

I just love the Bible. I used to think it was boring. However, as I have really read it, the pages have become alive to me. The Holy Spirit teaches, and it is like neverending treasures! God speaks to us through His Word. It is how we learn His voice. It is where we are comforted, given wisdom, and understanding of how much we are loved...causing our love for Him to grow! The more you read it, with the Holy Spirit as your teacher, the more you will love it! It’s truly His living Word. The Lord has been teaching me, in the book of James, about living my faith out in my actions...not just my words. I am having to truly examine how I walk daily, and if it honors Christ, if I talk (or type) more than I act. It is challenging for sure. It requires death to self. However, freedom and joy come when I obey God. His ways are good!

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