Know The One Who Is Leading You!

I have personally struggled with this one. God has us all on a journey, and sometimes we don’t know where we are going. These times are scary, frustrating, and exhausting. We use so much energy in trying to find the path, that we end up discouraged...and still no answer.⠀ God never called us to walk by sight, but to walk by faith. In this, we learn to trust the One who is leading, and not ourselves. In the unknowing, we get to know more of our Shepherd.⠀ God is faithful to give us just enough light to know what step to take next. That’s all we need! He will never leave us during this journey called life. He always walks with us. He never promised us the knowledge to understand, but He has promised us His faithfulness, love, grace, and righteousness. May we grow to trust and love the One who is leading.


The Daily Corner



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