Live On Purpose!

In order to grow in our walk with God, it has to be intentional. Sometimes we pray for growth, and we think it will magically appear overnight. The real way of becoming more like Christ is the day to day disciplined life. It's not super glamours. It is setting intentions of reading God's Word, praying, and leaning on the Holy Spirit to help us practically live out what we know to be true in our minds.⠀ A closer walk with God is no cake-walk. It takes a willingness to fight against the flesh while cooperating with the Spirit. God never pushes us away, so if we feel distant, we have to look at ourselves. But, it does take time. Let's live life on purpose, instead of casually letting the days pass us by. Deliberate. Disciplined. Clinging. Pursuing. Let us be these type of followers of Christ.


The Daily Corner



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