Lord, I Am Coming!

You know those times when the Lord is tugging at your heart to come meet with Him...but you don’t feel like it? I do! It is amazing to me that the Creator of the universe wants to hear my voice. He wants to see my face. He calls for me! It grieves me that I would treasure something other than Him (even my tiredness) than the privilege I have, through Jesus’ sacrifice, of communing with Him who calls. You know the tugging of the Holy Spirit. I know you do because God is always pursuing us. But, will you go to Him? Will you turn off the tv, shut your computer, silence your phone and meet with your loving Savior, who laid down His life for you...because He treasures you? - Ask Him to help you have such a desire and love for Him, that you would be eager to say “Lord, I am coming.”


The Daily Corner



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