Love Your Healer More Than The Healing!

When you are healing, there is a lot of praying, clinging, hoping, reading, and looking to Christ. There is nothing like those times that forces us to see are weaknesses. I personally remember a year of those types of days and nights. A sweet thing slowly happened in my heart. Though I wanted healing so badly, I began to see how beautiful and lovely my Healer was. Once we begin to become closer and closer to Jesus, we will begin to love our Healer more than we love our healing. Our eyes will shift from focusing so much on what we don’t have to focusing on how much we do have, in Christ. Yes we pray for healing! Yes, we pray for more faith to receive it! Yes, we pray for victory! But, one of the things that we will also see developing is this love for Christ that carries us through the darkness of the rough storm. God is so gracious! Daughter, not only will He take you through the process of healing, He will be more precious than healing! If you stay close and keep your eyes on Him. You will find Christ to be even sweeter than the healing. He Himself is your healing. #healingthepieces

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