My Soul Finds Rest In God!

I definitely am a night person, but I find it sweet to start my day spending time with God. After reading my Bible this morning, I found myself daydreaming...when I meant to be praying. I would pray 2 sentences and then find myself ‘waking up’ from staring at that the wall. That happened about four times. ⠀ Is anybody else like this? I have found writing my prayers in a journal to be helpful. It’s harder to write and daydream at the same time. Also, after months of writing, you can look back over your prayers and praise God for answered ones. I used to be a serious ‘journaler’ but I stopped. It’s time to begin again!⠀ The month of Christmas is busy, and it can be even more tempting to find ourselves staring at the wall, while mentally contemplating plans. I have been praying for a quiet heart that is settled in Jesus, even in the busyness. “Still, my soul me still.” May our eyes be set on the Prince of Peace! Let’s bring all that troubles us before Him, and find rest. Even, if we have to write them instead of ‘saying’ them.⠀ If you have a foggy brain, or a distracted mind that makes spending time with God difficult, ask that He would help you to be focused. He does not condemn, but is gracious to His children. God listens to us. He gives rest and salvation through Christ. Also, try writing your prayers. This could been a very helpful way to prevent yourself from staring off into the distance.


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