New Life Springing Back From The Bitter Cold!

Welcome to Spring! I love it so much! All the flowers and new life springing back from the bitter cold. I was pondering on how my relationship has been with the Lord lately. He definitely has kept me, but you know how by March...we forget our New Year resolutions? Mine was ‘to abide,’ and I have slowly forgotten. How about we pray that our New Year resolutions would be renewed this Spring and that our relationships with the Lord would grow and be nourished, just as we see nature do all around us? God is pleased to answer prayers like this! - I am personally asking the Lord to renew my love for Him! That I would truly learn what it means to abide, not just in reading Scripture...but with my hands, eyes, words, and the rest of my everyday movings of life. What thing would you pray for that God would renew in you during this season? Your health, your love for Him, your service to others, your intentional relationships? Share below! I love you guys, and am always encouraged by what the Lord is teaching YOU!


The Daily Corner



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