Obey And Leave The Rest With God!

It is a real temptation to try and succeed with our own strength and intellect. We know what we want, and we think up plans to achieve our desires. Gathering from the ideas of other successful people and our own imaginations, we get to work, doing whatever it is our hearts want. After an amount of really hard striving, we might ask ourselves, "Why is this not working?" Could it be that we are trying to take the place of God, in making ourselves successful? ⠀ I struggle with this as well. I tend to believe if I just did, "1, 2, 3..." then all will go well. However, the Lord usually brings some grounding questions to my mind." Why do I even want to be successful? What do I want to be successful at exactly? Will I lay even that under His control?" Those questions oftentimes show me my heart! They are humbling. We can start out with godly intentions and end up over in the land of "I."⠀

⠀ There is certainly nothing wrong with success. We serve a God of perfection! We should strive to imitate Him in this, but not at the sacrifice of a humbled heart that is fully turned towards Him. If what we want to succeed is for His glory, then it's not even our job to make that happen. Our job is to live each day, obeying The Father, as the Spirit leads! When we live a life of obedience, God will do the rest! Our eyes should be on Him, not the success.⠀


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