Obey, Even If You Don't Yet Understand!

Amy Carmicheal once wrote, "All along, let us remember we are not asked to understand but simply to obey." There are times where God totally flips our plans, leaving us confused. He has a way of breaking in, causing us to align with His purpose for our lives. This can be very difficult because we generally resist change. During times when God seems to be silent and we can't make sense of what is happening, we can trust His plan. He is for us and works all thing for our good...even if we don't understand His methods. ⠀ What Amy said is true. He never calls us to understand. In the Bible, God did many things that don't make sense to our human minds-Children were given to barren women, shouts and trumpets were used to cause walls to crumble, rocks gave water to quench the thirst of those who walked in the wilderness, and a virgin gave birth to our Savior. Now, we can clearly see the plan and hand of God throughout all of those situations. They all showed His glory in doing the impossible. Our God was faithful to them, and He will be faithful to us.⠀ You might not understand why God has you in the place you are currently in. This piece of your journey is not random. It may be very discouraging, but there is a bigger picture that you can't see yet. You may have a lot of sorrow in the night, and the night may seem long, but joy comes in the morning...and the morning always comes! The Shepherd Who leads His sheep through the valley of the shadow of death, through the wilderness, through the fire, and through the storms, will also lead them into green pastures, where the bright skies shine again.⠀ If you are in Christ, He has promised to take care of you. He will not leave you but will stand with you, even if He doesn't explain His ways. You are to simply obey Him. Follow Him in your weariness, and He will not let you fall. Don't give up in doing good, a harvest is promised. Take your eyes off of your limited understanding and place them on the One who leads with perfect wisdom. You are not called to understand, but to obey. This, God, delights in!


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