Pleasing God And Not Man!

If we do things that God is not pleased with, does it even matter if we please other people? It may seem to matter in the moment. But, in the scope of eternity, God is not going to ask us if we pleased people well. No! If we displease God, it doesn't matter who else we might please.⠀ In the same way, if we do the things He tells us to do, and we follow His lead, does it matter if others don't like us? It may feel like it matters in the moment. But, in the scope of eternity, it doesn't. All that matters is that we are doing God's revealed will. If we are doing that, with His help and for His glory, mans approval doesn't matter! ⠀ Easier said than believed right? I am a recovering people pleaser myself. Remind yourself, as I often do, "It's all about God, and not about my glory!"


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