Remember God's Steadfast Love!

The fight gets long and our arms and legs get tired. At some point during this process of healing we gain the strength and hope of finishing. But, after a while, the fighting and pushing starts to wear on us. The thought of just settling with the pain might seem easier than continuing. It’s just plain hard, right? With a weary heart and mind and what seems like a long journey ahead, something other than will-power will have to be given as encouragement. Something other than a “Get back up and keep going, sis!“ Or a “You can do it.” Here is the real truth. You can’t do it… By yourself! But, here is an even sweeter truth… You aren’t called to do it by yourself. God, walks with His daughter and His steadfast love never leaves. Christ’s love is perfect and can be trusted. When you want to give up. When you feel absolutely depleted... down to the last drop of your strength, remember God’s steadfast love! He will not harm you. He will not leave you. He will take care of you. Write this verse down on a card to help you remember it in the rough moments: Psalm 145:8 #healingthepieces

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