Seeking Wise Counsel Is Godly!

Counseling has been significantly helpful in my healing! Sometimes, as Christians, we feel that going to a counselor means we don’t have enough faith. There can be shame associated with ‘needing help.’ The truth is, we are all needy! We need help and healing. There is no shame in that. There is Christ! He is sufficient and provides us with what we need, and sometimes He uses a person skilled in what we are going through! Counseling can be a gift from God. It doesn’t make us less godly or spiritually immature. We are instructed to get wise counsel! If you have been trying to deal with your trauma and feel that it’s too much, ask God if counseling is for you! God can greatly use a counselor. It takes humbly admitting you need help. But, it can be so rewarding. Sister, you don’t have to be ‘crazy’ to get help. Humbly seeking wise counsel is godly. • #healingthepieces


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