Setbacks Aren't Permanent!

I thought I had dealt with everything that needed to be dealt with concerning a certain memory. The triggers that would throw me into an anxiety attack, or cause me to forget where I was, slowly started to go away. I was happy to see healing!⠀ But, then a certain someone happened to visit. I was reminded of the memory all over again, and let me tell you sis… it landed me in the bathroom floor crying tears for a good two months. Now that’s a stepback! I thought that I was never going to get over it. That it was settled. The victory was only short-term. The ‘real’ was permanent!⠀ I was believing a really convincing lie! I did see victory again over that one. And, I still stand in victory over that one, through Christ Jesus! I want you to know that you might very well see short-term setbacks. This journey of healing is not a smooth journey. There are a lot of bumpy roads. There are some cracks in the concrete.⠀ You might trip. You might fall. You might scrape your knee. You might hurt your wrist. But, those are setbacks that don’t have to be permanent conditions. Don’t get discouraged and don’t be defeated by your disappointment. The road is bumpy, but healing is possible!⠀ #healingthepieces


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