Some Might Not Understand...God Does!

Not everyone will understand and that is okay. This was something I had to learn when I was first diagnosed with Complex PTSD from child abuse. One of the things I experienced was flashbacks. If something reminded me of a bad memory I would go in and out of consciousness, while reliving the triggered memory like it happened for the first time. But, this happened many times and I had to learn that those around me couldn’t understand and it was okay. They loved me the best they could and I was grateful for it! The one person that did understand fully was God, and I had to learn to run to Him when the understanding of others ended. Sister, I don’t know what it is you may be going through presently. I do know that it is hard to feel like no one else understands you. You probably wish you could speak openly. That someone just ‘got it.’ But, whatever it is that they don’t understand you can be sure God does! He understands it more than you do. Don’t let the small finite minds of the ones around you keep you disappointed and sad. You have the One who made you with you right now. Turn to Him! #healingthepieces

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