That Others My See Him!

In the land of stardom, we like attention. We like applauses and for others to see us as good people. We like to shine. This can even be hidden underneath the real desire to please God. How often do we seek other’s approval over God’s?⠀ We are called to shine. We are called to be a city on a hill for the nations to see God in us. It is biblical to want others to see a light in us, for us to shine with the radiance of our Savior. We must only strive to shine for His sake, not others.⠀ This is a hard task for all of us. The temptation to be glorified in ourselves is commonly used by the enemy, and we often fall for it. It is a trap of pride. It is wanting to steal from God the glory He deserves.⠀ As children of the king, let’s shine like the King. Seek to be a light in a dark world. Shine so that others will see Him...not you!


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