The Helper Will Not Come To You!

Jesus told His disciples it was better for Him to go to the Father, where He is now seated at the Father's right hand, than for Him to stay on earth. There are a number of resons why the Holy Spirit is better than the physical Jesus, but I have been drawn lately by the truth of Him being my Helper. The Holy Spirit is not an 'it,' but a Person of the Trinity. He is equal with the Father and the Son. Therefore, we should love and honor Him just as much. It is easy to forget that He is with and whithin us.⠀ -⠀ I personally have fallen into the mindset of knowing The Spirit's workings, according to the Bible, while ignoring His actual presence within me. I think that our actions and attitudes might change, if we would acknowledge the Holy Spirit. We would be more careful not to grieve Him by doing things that does not please Him. The Holy Spirit is our Teacher, Friend, Counselor, Comforter, Reminder - our constant Companion. Do you find yourself ignoring Him?⠀ -⠀ As believers, we have all experienced moments when we sensed the presence of God. However, wheather we feel Him or not, He is with us. It would be for our good if we would seek to have a relationship with Him, who Jesus sent as our Helper. We should seek to be taught by the Holy Spirit. When we are lonely and it doesn't feel like anybody else understands, we have a Friend that does and will comfort. When we don't have the answers, the Holy Spirit will counsel. When the enemy throws arrows of doubt, the Holy Spirit reminds us of the Truth.⠀ -⠀ Consider the Holy Spirit's work in you. See if He has practically been apart of your daily living. If He has not, turn back to the Father in repentance, and humble yourself under your Helper. He deals with you in love. He is far wiser than you, and He will lead You in His wisdom. Learn to hear His voice, by spending time in God's word. And, fight to not grieve Him, in disobedience. Let Him help you walk this Christian walk. Praise Jesus that He has given His believers the precious Holy Spirit!

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