True wisdom can’t be found in this world!

When we are in trouble, one of the main things we ask is, "What am I to do?" We want wisdom and we want to understand. Usually, the problem is that what we are facing is complex. It isn’t something that can be easily 'fixed.'⠀ •⠀ The Bible says that wisdom is precious and that it can’t be found in the world. Yet the world would call this part of the Bible a lie. The world claims to have an answer for every single problem a person could ever have. You know the saying right “Google it!” •⠀ Job says wisdom is hidden and concealed. The only Person who understands its ways and knows its place is God (Job 28 20-23). Then, it tells us that the fear of the Lord is wisdom and that turning away from evil is understanding.⠀ •⠀ Sister, if you are in a place where you need wisdom, go to God and ask Him for it! We are so tempted to ask our friends and our family members first. But, to fear the Lord is to go to Him first!⠀ •⠀ He understands and He knows what you are to do. Also, If you want to understand, turn away from the sin that is clouding your judgment of truth. True wisdom can’t be found in this world, but you are safe with God!⠀


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