Unbelief Is Disobedience!

"...Those who formerly received the good news failed to enter because of disobedience." Hebrews 4:6⠀ In Scripture, we see that rest and unbelief are affected by each other. If we don’t believe what God has said, we will not have the rest that He promises to those who trust Him. ⠀ We have to ask where in our lives unbelief maybe affecting our rest. For the children in the wilderness, they did not believe that God could bring them into the promised land. They believed that men were stronger than the Word of God. They looked at themselves and saw their weaknesses, instead of looking at God and seeing His mightiness.⠀ The Bible says that unbelief and disobedience are also connected. We are to strive for obedience, instead of disobedience. We must ask ourselves what in our life has disobedience kept us from resting in God. Disobedience is unbelief at its core.⠀ When we let go of our own will and take His will, when we look at His strength and not our little strength, when we believe His word over our feelings and over what the enemy whispers to us, when we obey instead of disobeying, then we will enter into His rest that is beyond knowledge. Lord, please help us find rest in You, the only One that can truly give us rest for our soul.⠀


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