What You Confess, God Will Cover!

Have you ever said it? You know, said your trauma to someone safe? When we confess or admit that something happened, it can feel like the death of us. Well...It is like death in a way. The ugly stuff that we have been hiding finally comes to light. Then, begins the death of all of their power over us, through Christ. Easier said than done, right? I know sis! But, your hands are probably red and ripped from trying to hold on tight to the cord that has been controlling you. God wants you to let go. He want you to let Him control all of these things that has caused you so much hurt, pain, and anxiety. These things that weren’t your fault and should have never happened. God wants you to let go of trying to control their grip on you. You’re not strong enough. You’re not wise enough. You aren’t able to heal yourself. God is! If you ask the Lord to help you confess what you’ve been hiding, He will cover it better than you can. He will cover it with His truth, compassion and the love and Christ. If you choose to let go with surrendered hands, God will take control! Then, sister, we get to watch Him do His wonderful work! #healingthepieces

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