With God, You Are Never Alone!

“Love, traveling in the greatness of His strength,⠀ Found me alone,⠀ Footsore and tired by the journey's length...⠀ ⠀ Love found me fearful, and He stayed;⠀ Love stayed by me.⠀ "let not your heart be troubled or dismayed,⠀ My child," said He.⠀ Slipped from me then all troubles, all alarms,⠀ For Love had gathered me into His arms."⠀ -Amy Carmicheal⠀ Though our feelings may tell us "we are alone, and no one understands," it's not true. Love (Jesus) is traveling with you through this journey. He will stay with you. You are never forsaken. You have this truth to cling to, the deep deep love of Jesus is yours, and He will stay. Love stays!


The Daily Corner



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