Write Honestly, Not Delicately

I have been disheartened when I look at some of the ways we try to attract unbelievers into the church. Instead of talking about sin and the need for a savior, we try to have ‘feel good’ sermons that makes the heart happy without conviction.⠀ There must be conviction before one can see their need of a Savior. Sometimes we get it twisted into thinking that if we could get them to like our message, then they will eventually turn to Christ.⠀ The truth is, though others should feel welcomed in a Christian environment, they should also feel uncomfortable. They should be able to see a clear difference between themselves and a true believer.⠀ If we attract the world by feel-good messages, then we will have to keep the world by feel-good messages. God is the great Comforter, a great Refuge, and a Healer, but He is that only to His children. In our sincere attempt to share Christ, we must not shy away from the need for a Savior...which is our sin against a holy God.


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