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August 23, 2017



I have shared before that I am a book lover. Click here for a later post where I reviewed a few of my favorites.  Along with my journey of reading, I have kept index cards, with quotes from the books.


The cards became all stuffed in between the pages of my beloved books. I decided to organize them in my phone. I also created a quote board that hangs by my bed.


This has been extremely helpful. There come moments where I am anxious or can’t think straight. I become unable to think rightly. Pulling out my phone or an index card, to review a truth that pertains to the circumstance, has been one of the most helpful tools in my walk with the Lord thus far.




I literally have hundreds of quotes. However, I would like to share 10 that has proven to be helpful for me. I hope they will also be helpful for you. This list was very hard to nail down. I will have to follow up with some other favorites in future blogs.


1. “If you run to Scripture and you stop there, then you’ve missed the entire point of Scripture. The point of Scripture is to send you on to Christ in a correct fashion, that you might feed from Him.” – Paul Washer


When I first became a believer, I stumbled upon this quote and it stuck with me. I had been very careful in reading my Bible because I wanted to know God more. However, when I read this quote, I realized that I did exactly what Paul suggests not to do. I would read my Bible, journal some, say a quick prayer, and start my day.


This quote reminds me of the verse that Jesus said to the Pharisees (John 5:39). That the Word points to Jesus. So, instead of reading the Bible and writing some notes, try to have a real sincere fellowship with God. 


2. "Do you want to know how to stop sinning? Stop believing the lie that you believe when you sin! Your struggle with sin is a struggle with lies." - Tim Conway


This one hurt me a little when I first heard it. I was helped to realize that whenever I was tempted to sin, it was me wrestling with the truth and a lie. This is what Satan did in the garden with Eve.


This quote made it clear that sinning is believing and acting on a lie. This is helpful because I can be careful to observe what is going on in my mind. I know to fill it with as much truth as possible so that I can easily stop a lie, and ultimately avoid a sin.


3. "No amount of learning is a substitute for obedience." - Richard Owen Roberts


This one was a biggie! I was introduced to the concept of not merely hearing the Word, but actually doing it (James 1:22). I love taking in information; so, I was reading a book a week. But after reading this quote, I questioned just how much information I was taken in, but not obeying.


That is the point of reading and learning more about God. It is for our santification. This meant that I had to go through my books slower, and even my Bible study slower. The point is a changed life, not a head full of knowledge. This quote came to me as a gentle rebuke from the Lord, and it still challenges me today.


4. "Apart from Him let nothing dazzle you." St. Ignatious


This is one that is short and sweet. It gets right to the point. There are many shiny things in this world, but nothing should have so much of our attention that it steals from the glory of God.


5. "Christ woos and wins His bride in an ever-deepening relationship. In this spiritual marriage, believers guard their enjoyment of Christ by guarding their hearts against resting in anything other than “The Lord Our Righteousness.” Joel Beeke


This one is so beautiful to me. The image of Christ being the Bridegroom and us being the bride of Christ has always been an amazing thought to me. I can see times where He has wooed me back to Himself and has taught me to love Him by guarding my heart against ‘other lovers.’


I encourage you to think on this one. Look and see if there are other lovers that have distracted you from your spiritual marriage with Christ. He has dressed you in white. You are without spot or wrinkle. Pray that He would give you a continual relationship that grows deeper and deeper.


6. "Your progress in holiness will never exceed your relationship with the Word of God." – Nancy Lee DeMoss


This quote came out of one of Nancy’s books. I couldn’t move past this sentence when I happened upon it. It describes spending time with God, in His Word, as the foundation of holiness.


We can’t expect to be holy by rules that we have heard over and over again. True holiness is when we sit with the Word of God, and with the Holy Spirit as our Teacher.


7. "I indeed; but Christ!" Oswald Chambers


If I had to say a top 3, this one would definitely be included. It is so short that you can’t help but memorize it. However, it is the meaning that keeps it hidden in my heart for frequent referencing. This statement means, I indeed (fill in the blank) but Christ.

Examples: “I indeed am in need; but Christ!” “My heart is broken; but Christ!” “I am afraid, but Christ!" You get the gist. No matter what state you might be in, there is always room for “but Christ!”


8. "Grace to endure and to conquer is never given till the moment of need." Amy Carmichael


This one is helpful because we all have times where we will need to speak, either to a person or persons and have no idea what to say. This can cause a bit of anxiety because we don’t want to have nothing helpful to offer.


Yet… we have nothing to offer, it seems! It brings ease to us when we think about the fact that God will give us what we need at the moment we need it! I have found this to be true, personally. He never leaves us hanging.


9. "If you aren’t daily finding Him to be the source of security, satisfaction, and approval, you will always look somewhere else. He is the only True, Faithful, and Reliable One." Kelly Needham


This is one I find helpful when I don’t feel like having a quiet time. I have written an entire post on this topic alone. You can click here to read. It is true we all are finding a source to drink from every single day. If that source is not from God, then it will be from self and others- which is insufficient for us.

They will satisfy briefly and leave us empty in the end. God is the only one who is reliable, as Kelly Needham said. This quote has helped me get out of bed and spend time with God, with the intention of finding my all in Him that day. If not, I will ‘snack’ on the world and never be satisfied.


10. "It is not wisdom to look at the emotions and try to test your spirituality by your feelings. Do not study yourself; look away from self to Jesus." Ellen White


Sometimes we feel cold towards God. Our emotions seem dulled and we don’t feel ‘spiritual.’ One of the worse things to do is focus on those emotions. What you focus on become bigger. If you focus on your lack of emotions towards God, you will only feel worse.


You will think you are a terrible Christian. You might even question your love and salvation. It is not wise to look at yourself to determine how spiritual you are. Look at Christ. Look at the cross, and see His sufficiency and His love for you. Look at His goodness and wisdom. Soon, your heart will be made glad, because you are looking at your beautiful and glorious Jesus- not your lack of emotions.




I am thankful the Lord has used many quotes from other saints for my good. He gives me insight and understanding from the things that He gave to those writers and preachers.


As I said, I keep a running list of quotes on my phone, and by my bedside. It has been very profitable. I suggest you do the same. If you happen to run across a truth that sticks out to you, write it and keep it for times when you are in need of it.


I would love to read what quote resonated with you the most! Let me know in the comments!


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