Go To God First!

September 12, 2017

It is a great privilege to be called a ‘Child of God.’ It is also an amazing truth, that He has given us other believers to fellowship with. We are the Body of Christ. Though our sisters and brothers are a great blessing to us, they can also prove to be a stumbling block.


If they become the people we run to for all of the important decisions in our lives, then they have become an idol. Anything that we run to first, is where our hope rests. Our hope should rest in God alone. We should not ask for other’s counsel until we have first asked for God's counsel.





We usually go to others because of the convenience. It is easier to quickly call a friend, send a text message, or even drive over to a person’s house for immediate help. There are times for the help of other believers, but we often skip the first step. That step is Christ. When we look at Scripture, especially the Old Testament, the wise leaders were the ones who sought God first, before making any actions. (2 Chronicles 26:5)


Included in our culture is the idea of instant gratification. It takes patience to pray and wait for an answer. There are things that we are to pray for and not even mention to others. However, because it's easy and we want to feel good instantly, we go the opposite route and seek for other’s opinions. Often times, they have many opinions to give! After gathering from those we have asked, we make a decision based off of what seems to be the best opinion.




The issue is that no one is wiser than God. He is the One who has allowed us to be in our particular circumstances. Who else better can we go to than the One who made us and the One who knows the future? It really doesn't matter what anyone else says if it is not what is in the plans of our good Father.


There is a great blessing in having like-minded people around us to be encouraged by. They can give godly counsel. I am a seminary student for biblical counseling. So, I am not saying there is no place for other's to help.


However, I am saying our hope should not lay in the hands or in the minds of other fallen human beings. They have their own struggles. Though the Holy Spirit may help them lead you in the right direction, ultimately your answer should be confirmed by God.




The proper thing to do is to bring our troubles to God before we bring them to anyone else. We should not take a poll from our friends for a big judgment if we have not first dedicated time to actually seek God on the matter. We should not skip going to the all knowing One or trade in our Bibles in the exchange of the wisdom of others. 


Other people's godly wisdom should be a supplement to our decision-making process. It should not be the main way of making decisions. This goes for both small or life-changing choices. God can use other believers as guidance and as confirmation to what He has said to us in our prayer rooms and on the pages of Scripture. However, the prayer room and the Bible should come first (Matthew 6:6)!




As it is true in every aspect of our life, God is wise. He created you, allowed you to grow up the way you did, and has a plan for you, that was written before you were even born. It only makes sense to first go to the One who made you and who sustains you. Relying on those who are just as needy as you are is foolish.


Your life is not just happening without a purpose. God created you on the very day you were born, and in this day and age for the purposes, He has planned. He has plans for the advancement of His kingdom and for your good. He is the only One you can safely trust because He is the only One who is wise enough.


He is the Author and Finisher of your life. He is in control and is actually working in all of the things you are dealing with right now. He cannot lie (Numbers 23:19). His promises will always come to pass. We must read the Bible to know those promises. If He is leading you, then you can be sure that you are safe and that His promises will not fail.




Whatever you are wrestling with, whatever has you holding your head in confusion, whatever has you nervous and uncertain...bring it before the One who knows all things. Bring it to God. Let Him carry the load, as you depend on His wisdom. Seek Him with all of your heart and you'll find Him (Jeremiah 29:13).


Sincerely set time to pray! We often say a quick prayer and then get on with "the real business." We put our minds to the test, trying to solve our problems. Actually, the real business is in your prayer room. The real business is reading the Bible, with the Teacher of the Holy Spirit.


As you seek Him for the answers, He will guide you. He may guide you to speak to another believer for advice. He may lead you to talk to your pastor. He may lead you to do a variety of things. The important thing is that HE is leading you, not others- or even yourself! We are Christ followers.


We have a Leader. We have a Shepherd. We have a Teacher. We have no grounds to say that we are alone. He is certainly with us, and we must seek His perfect counsel.


I would love to hear your thoughts on this topic.  Please comment! 


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