Jesus, King of Kings!

January 5, 2018

I have been reading through the Old Testament lately, and I just finished 2 Kings. It is overwhelmingly clear that most of those who were in charge in that day where corrupt, selfish, careless, and greedy. They didn't care about the people's good, and they certainly didn't care about the glory of God.


Though there were some kings who loved and served God, most did horrible things. Like even sacrificing there children to idols. In an era where the coming King was eagerly expected, those men proved they were not the One to whom Genesis 3:15 spoke of.


In my reading, I found myself so shocked at some of the things that took place, but then I quickly found myself convicted. Sin is still sin. Though I might not be killing people for the sake of idol worship,  I am sometimes selfish and careless, forgetting the One I am to represent.


I think we can get so caught up with how terrible some of the people in the Bible were that we forget to examine our own lives (Romans 3:10). When we do, we will oftentimes be shocked at what we might find to be our reality.


The amazing part is that we are not left to ourselves. Those who are in Christ have been forgiven and declared righteous. This is not because of anything we have or will ever do. It is solely because of who Christ is and what He has accomplished for us in His death, burial, and resurrection.


The innocent Lamb, took our sins upon His shoulders, standing in our place before the Holy Father. He has reconciled us back to the Father, and we have unlimited access to Him because of Christ. The veil between God and us has been torn (Matthew 27:51). 


Christ is the perfect King. He is the King of Kings and the Lord of Lords (Revelation 19:16). There is no authority that is higher than Him. He is in control of all things, and nothing happens apart from His control.


We might not understand the things that happen in our day to day life, but we do have hope in a sovereign and loving Father. We have the secure love of the King of Kings, who stooped low in humility to save us from what we deserved. In Christ, there is therefore now no condemnation. (Romans 8:1)


Praise God that the Ruler of the world is just and good. Unlike those wicked kings in Scripture, our King does all things well. He is not corrupted, careless, murderous, or any of the heinous things we find of men. He is the Holy King, that is faithful, righteous, and trustworthy. His steadfast love for His own is deeper than our minds can trace (Psalm 36:5).




When we look at the news, and all of the disasters that are going on, our families and relationships that are difficult, even more, when we look into our own hearts and minds, our internal struggles- we can be assured that the holy King sees and knows with love.


We can find a sweet rest in Him, despite what circumstances may see (Matthew 11:18). How deep His love for us, vast beyond all measure! This is our King. He is the perfect King. All praises to Him, from where all blessings flow!


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