What Is My Purpose?

May 31, 2018


Have you ever asked yourself "What is my purpose?" "Why has God put me on this earth?" "How come everyone around me seems to know their purpose?"


But, when you look at yourself and how long you have been seeking, you feel like you’ve gotten nowhere. All you want is to know your God-given purpose. It still hasn’t come yet! What’s up with that?



Many of us want to honor God with the life He has given us. We want to serve Him, love Him, love others around us, and do what He has purposed for us.


It just feels like He doesn’t answer sometimes, right? Then, going on social media and seeing other sisters writing books and writing even MORE books makes it worse. 


They are on some mission trip or out teaching other women. They are doing what it seems like we should be doing, but we have no clue what God is doing with us.



I’d like to change the focus. So much of this 'purpose stuff' can be all about 'us!' What is 'my' purpose? What is 'your' calling? We focus so much on the calling that we forgot God. 


The calling becomes an idol. The calling becomes our purpose. The calling becomes everything we seek and search for. We forget the God we are wanting to point people to!




Truth be told, He has given all of us a calling. It is the same, though they look different in practice. God has called every believer in Christ to love Him with all that we are and to love His people and this unbelieving world. 


He has called us to be a light in the darkness. He has called us to be workers for a heavenly Kingdom.


Sister, that's the woman's calling who is teaching, who's written another book, who's going to another country to spread God‘s word. Your calling is the same. It is to proclaim the Gospel.




I have found myself trying so hard, and so often to change my perspective. I wish it was a once learned type of thing. Nope! Often times, it is a daily reminder. Let's be honest, really an hourly reminder.


Sister this is not about 'your' calling. This is not about 'your' purpose. This is not about 'your' something. This is not about 'your' another something. This is all about God's glory. We are to be humble servants, seeking to do His will.




If we looked at it as God-centered, and not us-centered, we will find more peace. We will find that today, our purpose is to wake up and asked Him how to live today for Him, because of what Christ has done for us!


We would stop looking so much at what’s ahead, as we start living in the now for Him. Who knows what the Lord will bring ahead? What is ahead does not belong to our figuring out. 


What is ahead should be laid in His wise hands, as we trust He will do what He has planned for our lives. 






He has had a plan for you to minister to His people since you were born. There is no need to wonder if God has purposed you for His glory. He has, and there are so many promises in Scripture to affirm that. (Ephesians 1:4-5)


He has called us to take one step at a time with Him until we find ourselves with what some might call the 'purpose.' 




Still, you are called right now! Calling to motherhood or calling to a disciplining a girl is so special to God. It’s no less special than a preacher.


We must be faithful to the 'little' we have right now so that we will be faithful with what more He might bring. Sister, don’t grow weary. 




Don’t look at everyone around you. Don't become insecure, feeling little and small. We are all here for one reason and that’s for Him. What do you have in your hands right now? That is your calling right now!


What has He put in your heart, that you can do tangibly right now? That is your purpose! Leave the rest to Him. 


Be faithful with what you have now. He will continue to do the work in you that He has determined before the foundations of the earth. Yes, YOU sister!




The next time you catch yourself discouraged, look to Christ. The next time you feel like you’re not doing what you feel like He has promised you, be faithful to what He has placed in your hands right now. 


This isn’t a call to laziness. This is a call to work with what you have right now. Instead of focusing so much on the 'will be,' focus on today.


Walk right now. Don’t miss this moment right here, to serve Him. Look at all the ways you have today, tomorrow, and the next day, to serve Him. This my friend, is walking in purpose.




-So, walk away with this thought in mind. 'His purpose not my purpose.'


-What is one thing you can change your thoughts about, after reading this post?


-Comment below!




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Praise God from whom all blessings flow!


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