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October 16, 2018


You know that lovely feeling of knowing you have a blog day coming up, but you have no words? too. In fact, it's been months since I've written a blog post for that very reason.


Not only is it frustrating, but we ask the question, "What do I do?"  Publish day has gone and passed and we still have no words for our blogs. I am going to give you some tips for times like these!



When bloggers hit a block like this, we usually go to Pinterest to find prompts just to get one up. But, I have found it really hard to push a post out that way, unless it really does cause genuine inspiration.


I have come to the decision that I am not going to post something unless I am actually saying something. So, though the prompts help, they still leave me how I came- Dependent on someone else's inspiration.




Girl, it happens! Every writer has experienced writer's block.  Essentially, that is what is happening. It's easy to look at every other blogger who has a post up once or twice a week, and think, "I got nothing!"


Let me tell you something, I have talked with other bloggers and when I ask them about, 'Bloggers Block,'  they tell me, "Oh yes...I have struggled!"


It is just apart of it! You only have so many words to use, and sometimes you use them up for a season. It is okay and you are not alone!




The definition of burn-out is "to cause to fail, wear out, or become exhausted especially from overwork or overuse." Whether you realize it or not, writing blog post after blog post is work. It takes a lot of mental and emotional use.


If you do this every single week, without breaks or recovery, you are going to burn out. You are going to become exhausted and the thought of writing another blog post will be draining. Why? Because you have overworked yourself without breaks.


No matter how strong you think you are, you still need rest.  That is how you recover from a burn out. Your followers will be okay with your break. Odds are, if you have worked yourself to burnout, they will have plenty to read while you rest up!




Sometimes our problem with not having words is simply us using words in other ways. We may be writing lots of captions or emails. There might me proposals or resources you are responsible for pushing out.


Pay attention of where you are spending your words! You may need to get focused on a couple of things, instead of the many that have your attention. Because, at the end of a busy day, a blog post ain't gonna happen if you are worn out!





Maybe it's the many distractions around you. Instagram scrolling or Facebook reading may be the reason for your lack of blogging.


Netflix may be stealing your time. Your brain may have grown so accustomed to being entertained, that you have forgotten how to focus long enough to write a post.


No condemnation. I realized this was happening to me and had to limit my scrolling time. You can't scroll and write a post at the same time! Determine what exactly it is that you want to do and do that thing. Get single-minded.




This may not be the season for writing. I know we don't like to hear that...especially if we call ourselves 'bloggers.' However, sometimes, God calls us to something else. We, as Christian bloggers, have to be flexible to God's will. Obedience is better than sacrifice.


During my break, I started another Instagram, I started doing more video, and I created a Facebook Group. You are free to follow and join those if you'd like.


It would have been too much to try and do blogging as well. And... that was okay. Know what season you are in! Maybe, God wants you doing something else.




If you are experiencing writer's block, consider the things I said. And, take to heart this truth...It is not going to kill you! It really won't destroy your blog and your true followers will stick with you.


This may be a time to explore other creative outlets. Maybe, you can try graphic design. Maybe, dive more into another social media platform.


Try Phone Photography. Read. Choose to use this time as an opportunity to learn and get even more creative, instead of growing discouraged.  






There are those times where you have decided to guest blog, weeks in advance. You can't just cancel that can you? Of course not!


So, you are going to have to get it done, despite the block. I suggest you go to a space where you work best.


Set yourself a reasonable limit of time to write it and just go at it! Turn off all things that will distract.  Determine not to get up until it's done. In this case, all you want to do is get the meat on the paper.


Don't worry about grammar, or sentence structure. Just get it all down and figure the rest out later. It is much easier to edit than to create it! You can do it!




1. First, don't be discouraged. It happens to every writer!

2. Determine if you are burnt-out. If you are, take time to rest!

3. Get focused on one thing, and spend your words wisely!

4. Limit Distractions. You can't scroll and write a post at the same time!

5. Know what season you are in. God may want you doing something else!

6. Choose this as an opportunity to learn about more creative avenues!

7. If the post is scheduled, determine not to move until it's done. Push!


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